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[News Lab] LCMS Coin, with the start of the listing on the major global cryptocurrency exchange market Digifinex LCMS is looking forward to expanding its business. LCMS will be listed on the global USDT market on September 28th.

LCMS Coin will be listed on Digifinex global USDT market on September 28th.

The largest reason for the highlight of LCMS is not by emphasizing the technological superiority of the blockchain, but focusing on the practical use of its value. Also aims for frequent communicates with users through the LCMS platform and turning the process into the value. The current blockchain market tends to prefer projects that can be applied immediately rather than future value. Therefore the reality has become a more important value than ever. Meanwhile, the LCMS project is receiving a better evaluation for providing a realistic blockchain-based platform different from other projects.

The LCMS Coin, which is listed on the Digifinex Global Exchange, is used not only as a transaction function, but also as a donation method for underdeveloped countries and underprivileged groups, and builds a virtuous circle platform by incinerating the amount used. In addition, this project, led by LCMS Science Co., Ltd., a foundation with the know-how accumulated through its own offline factory and long-term business, already possesses products such as health functional foods, cosmetics, and masks, and also possesses a thick consumer base. It is a situation where trust is growing even more.

An undisclosed official stated that 'The motivation of the project is that we take blockchain technology as a core value in the future market, which is considered to be the most efficient means to solve the problems in the current distribution market. ' Not only that, LCMS is expected to develop products that meet the needs of everyone in high quality through close communication with users through the platform.

LCMS is a platform that seeks to provide high-quality products to consumers through blockchain-based technology and further seeks for the positive circulation in our community. By coming up with brilliant ideas to solve the problems of the current distributing channel, let consumers live a better life and the rights they deserve. Not only domestic cryptocurrency investors but also foreign investors are carefully observing LCMS. Experts predict this to be a great opportunity for the one who cares about the realistic value of the project.

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